a love letter before the end of the world

To my dear love,

Where the hell have you been? I'm sick waiting for you. Before it's too late, I have some last words to say to you: 
I'm sure that you are quite satisfied with your current situation (or just being very lazy), for you haven't tried hard enough to find me. Well, you can either stay wherever you are, be with whoever you are with right now, maybe it's not going to be the end of the world after all, and maybe you'll live happily ever after without me. Maybe.  Or, you can take a chance. Come to my arms. Go on an adventure with me. And I promise you that we'll have the most amazing 5 days in the rest of our lives. 
If fortunately the world doesn't come to an end too quickly, we can figure out other things afterwards. :)

to be honest,
I don't believe in the end of the world
as I don't believe in love, 
not just yet
(and now that I'm writing here the radio is playing Britney Spear's Till the World Ends, creepy..)

but if it is going to be the end of the world
and if you are in fact the love of my life
why not give us a try?
so this is my proposal to you.

Yours sincerely-- (not yet, but will hopefully be) forever and ever and ever,


p.s. Mind the time, darling. We don't have much days left. Tick-tock.