'a lot like love'


Sometimes a moment of quietness is requisite, and right now is one of those moments.

Moments. Moments that were once so pure; moments that are slipping through our fingers.

i couldn't stop reading those words that mean so much to me and so little to you. i read it over and over, trying to find the exact point where i've let you down, where you've decided to be indifferent. i believe if i do, i can make it right this time, i will, i know it.


words said and not said

- you can't just tell people that you love them and then unlove them all of a sudden like that, that's not right

- but I'm just being honest..in fact I've never being so honest with anyone before, how peculiar. Are you mad at me right now?

- NO. I won't get mad at those I don't love. I just don't understand.  But I think I understand you better now, you say things that you don't mean to say, things that I wouldn't say out so easily and carelessly and change my mind so so so...

- I know I've sad it before, that I loved you.

- do you always being like this? love and unlove people.

- Listen, I think you still don't know me that well, you think too much.

- you're not answering my question. and why the hell that I should know YOU?? why not you get to know ME instead? and I DON"T think too much!

- that's not what I meant..

- when you love you love no matter what, ok? there're things you don't like about, opinions that you don't agree to, words that you can't take, but in the end you go back to love the person, you go back.

- sometimes I unloved and then I love again.

- you mean after you loved and unloved me, you might actually love me again in the future? Is that it? How could you say that to me? I'm not going to wait for you to love me anymore.  When I stop loving someone, I stop.  I stop.


i'm singing a tiny toe

what's wrong with you?
what is it you want?
what's so special about me
I'm too you marry
you're too insistent
you're too insistent
don't you stop and distant
I know not.

why won't you let me go?
why won't you let me go?
just let me go
i'm singing a tiny toe

what's wrong it's been so long,
is it me you're after?
days and nights, and ideas
and no disaster

you're so persistent,
oh we're so persistent.

should we act like people
they had seen it all

they're so indifferent, I know not.

why won't you let me go
why won't you let me go
people they want to know.
I'm such a tiny toe.
why won't you let me know?
why won't you let me know?
they want to know
I feel a tiny toe
why won't you let me know
why won't you let me know know
people they want to know.

why don't you let me go

The Dø - Too Insistent

what's wrong it's been so long,
is it me you're after?
days and nights, and ideas
and no disaster


cuz everyone forgot but i remember

i broke a plate today.
It's my only plate with a size and shape and color of such perfection. Actually it's the second plate i'v broken, i mean, the second plate of the same size and shape, but that one was a bit light-apple-green and this one is(was) blue, grey-blue i think, or blue-grey, anyway

Maybe i'm doomed to break all my plates of the same kind, maybe, hmm maybe i should buy another one with again a different color to see what'll happen. Perhaps i'll break it unconsciously to prove my theory, or subconsciously, or accidentally if lucky.

But i do believe it's a sign.
a sign from my fairy god mother to tell me to stop this thing whatever it is that i couldn't stop doing/thinking, cuz everyone forgot but i remember, damn it, i remember

yesterday i saw this fatuous movie, anyway there's a line i like:
if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything


Just because it's perfect

I always burst our perfect little bubble
Just because it's perfect
Too perfect
It's bad
It's self destructive
And it's not what you deserve