words said and not said

- you can't just tell people that you love them and then unlove them all of a sudden like that, that's not right

- but I'm just being honest..in fact I've never being so honest with anyone before, how peculiar. Are you mad at me right now?

- NO. I won't get mad at those I don't love. I just don't understand.  But I think I understand you better now, you say things that you don't mean to say, things that I wouldn't say out so easily and carelessly and change my mind so so so...

- I know I've sad it before, that I loved you.

- do you always being like this? love and unlove people.

- Listen, I think you still don't know me that well, you think too much.

- you're not answering my question. and why the hell that I should know YOU?? why not you get to know ME instead? and I DON"T think too much!

- that's not what I meant..

- when you love you love no matter what, ok? there're things you don't like about, opinions that you don't agree to, words that you can't take, but in the end you go back to love the person, you go back.

- sometimes I unloved and then I love again.

- you mean after you loved and unloved me, you might actually love me again in the future? Is that it? How could you say that to me? I'm not going to wait for you to love me anymore.  When I stop loving someone, I stop.  I stop.


  1. 我有時都無法分辨是你寫的還是你引用的,好困擾阿!!!

  2. hahaha!
    it's just something i write that's all, means nothing and everything. you'll get used to it!

  3. 我還正要問這是什麼電影耶
    天啊阿其 你去了法國變更厲害了