cuz everyone forgot but i remember

i broke a plate today.
It's my only plate with a size and shape and color of such perfection. Actually it's the second plate i'v broken, i mean, the second plate of the same size and shape, but that one was a bit light-apple-green and this one is(was) blue, grey-blue i think, or blue-grey, anyway

Maybe i'm doomed to break all my plates of the same kind, maybe, hmm maybe i should buy another one with again a different color to see what'll happen. Perhaps i'll break it unconsciously to prove my theory, or subconsciously, or accidentally if lucky.

But i do believe it's a sign.
a sign from my fairy god mother to tell me to stop this thing whatever it is that i couldn't stop doing/thinking, cuz everyone forgot but i remember, damn it, i remember

yesterday i saw this fatuous movie, anyway there's a line i like:
if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything

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  1. what is that you're referring to that is forgot by everyone but you?!