a girl I met in the subway

I met a girl in the subway.
We were standing on the subway platform waiting for a train. She was listening to music through earpiece. The first thing that drew my attention was her face. Covered partially by her brownish blonde hair, there was a kind of serenity under that pale skin. A pretty girl. And young. Maybe only 15 or 16.
She didn't notice I was looking. Then I saw that she was holding a walking stick. Maybe she had injured her feet or something, I didn't think much.

The train came. People all went forward, and I suddenly found that she was blind.

I was quite shocked for a very long while and cannot stop looking at her on the train. Sitting an aisle away, she slowly folded the stick (it's foldable) and put it away in her bag. Sitting there looking like everyone else, just another girl you see in the subway train everyday.

So many emotions struck me as the train took me home. I cannot imagine how much courage it takes to step into a world that you cannot see.  Somehow I felt I'm even more lost than she is.
I've taken too many things for granted. I need to change.

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  1. 我記得在里昂地鐵也有看到一位,但是中年大叔