I will be well again soon.

-I regretted it the moment I deleted it, as if it never happened. Me and Him. No trace, no proof.. nothing has left but me, me and me alone.

-But it must be done you know it. Don't condescend yourself, he doesn't worth it.

-How peculiar human heart is. A moment I felt so righteous and so strong...when I decided to make it gone, forever, from my sight and from my mind; and another moment I felt like crap. The instant my finger touched the screen I knew I made a mistake and I just can't stop crying.

-well, I wonder if one can be so easily erased form another's head, as simple as deleting someone's messages from your phone.

-But those were all I've got, his messages.. the only things that he's ever left me. Now they are all gone... but that was what I wanted, wasn't it? It must be, in every way. Then why do I feel so sad?

-If you think closely, he's merely a stranger.

-It's funny to behave myself like I don't care, and actually say it out that I don't need anyone, since I'm the one that nobody wants.

-Everyone needs someone.

-Then why no one stays for me then? I never understand which part I did wrong, I was trying so hard, and everything seemed so fine, so.. I mean, toward a right direction, and then all of a sudden, everything went wrong, and the world collapsed.

-We all need a person to prove our existence, to prove that life is worthy, that we are, worthy of being loved. It's just that person for you happened to be someone else, that's all.

-But it always felt so right at the beginning. Damn! I feel like shit! I feel I'm that girl in that movie "He's just not that into you", you know the girl who falls in love with Justin Long?
I need a guy friend definitely.

-I hate that movie! but I like her confession though. How are you now?

-I shall be well again, soon, I hope. I must respect myself.

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