Please don't love me.

How peculiar it is...to love someone you barely know. I mean, I tried it, but I never succeeded. Some people I can only relate to a certain extent, and that's it.  I can like a person so much that I feel like I'm going to explode, but still not able to love him.

So forgive me if I can't love you back.
The truth is, you don't even know me.  And I'm not even pretty, so don't give me those love at first sight shit.  I believe in love at first sight for sure, but that's a different thing.  We never clicked.  Please don't try to impress me.  Please don't flirt.  It makes me feel cruel, because I couldn't flirt back, it would be dishonest to do so; and yet at the same time it's so awkward not to.

Can we all go back to where we belong? -- two parallel world where two people can breath and walk freely without false anticipation or guilt.  We are not even friends to begin with.  You just came out of nowhere, saw the first broken doll and wanted to fix it.  I get it.  But it's simply not yours to fix.  Not this one.

Please don't be so eager and ready to jump into a hole when you don't know how deep it is, how messy it is, and how fucked-up it could be.  Please don't give me a bunch of pretty words and expect me to fall for them.  Flattery is not love, neither does romance.

I never asked you to do anything for me.
Whatever you've done for whatever reason, you did them for yourself, not for me.  To me, they are not love. They didn't mean anything.  I'm sorry, but I have to break it out to you.  I have to, so the next time before you decide to love a girl, you'll make sure you aren't in love with an image you created in your head; and afterwords, saying that she is not what you thought she was, and leave again another broken doll in this world.