Can't remember who she was anymore.

now that she's playing this game called: think less. She used to think so much and always end up doing nothing so one day she finally got sick of herself and stop thinking. As soon as she started this game, she met two guys, who now she's still seeing, yes, both of them.

Mr.no1 is a decent man, has a decent job and a decent car. He's older than her, almost like a big brother. Tall, humorous, likes cooking and loves animals. Sometimes she feels like she's one of the puppies that he's been taking care of. With him, she feels cherished and secured.

Mr. no2 is a boy, with a sweet shiny smile and an incredible figure. He used to serve in the military but then decided to go back to school. Shy, sensitive, an incurable romanticist. When she talks, he likes to look at her attentively for a very long while and just listen, as if he's devoted himself to this observation of something very fascinating, which She likes a lot.

She's happy, with both of them. but neither one gives her the kind of exquisit pleasure that she's looking for. She often wonders what'll happen if one day she has to make a choice. She can't. In some way they compensate each other; and somehow, she's actually waiting for this Mr. no3 to show up on his white horse and kidnap her or whatever out of this situation.

She looks into the mirror and stop herself from thinking. It's a think-less game, remember?


  1. 如果不是最好的選擇,再多選擇都跟沒有選擇一樣。

  2. 說的真好耶!好有智慧:)